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About Me

My name is Russell Heiman. I became interested in roller coasters in sixth grade. We were asked to do a research report on a certain invention. I chose roller coasters because it seemed like a fun choice. I got to interview Chris Collins about Adventureland and used it on my report. It was fun. Even though I got a 70 on the report, the manager of Adventureland said that as long as I passed, I would have free passes to the park for me and my family for one whole day. It was a blast. From then on, I was totally obsessed with roller coasters. Soon after, I discovered Coasterforce and CF-INFO. I quickly joined the CF-INFO community. I posted a lot, learned a lot. It was good. Then I started coming across knowledge not posted on the RCDB and I decided to e-mail updates to Duane. I did this quite often. Because I e-mail him frequent updates, he put my name under Research on the About This Site section of his site. I am very honored by that. Somewhere in between all of this, I started to use my camera to take pictures. I take artistic photographs and roller coaster photographs. I was also very honored to have my photos posted on RCDB. I may be only 15, but that doesn't mean I am immature, or stupid. I love roller coasters and I hope to become a roller coaster designer somewhere along the line.

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